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The concluding chapter of Luke’s Gospel sees two disciples, despondently trudging back to their digs away from the Passover festival in Jerusalem. They knew of the events of Easter but had not yet met the risen Jesus. You can follow the story in Luke 24.

‘We had hoped…’(Vs.21) is the sad sigh of the disappointed in God. The couple had literally and metaphorically turned their backs on hoping in God’s Messiah, others were more powerful hope had been crucified. Incredulous reports of resurrection were too much to take in.

As Luke’s account of Easer unfolds the good news is Jesus walks with folk like these, the weary and confused; together they unpack hopes and dreams and receive fresh perspective on life from scripture.

With great respect Jesus waits to be invited to share a meal with them. As he blesses and breaks bread realisation that they are in the presence of Christ occurs, their hearts are aflame. The encounter quite literally turns this couple around and they race back to Jerusalem, to fellow believers – hope restored, faith re-kindled.

I wonder if “we had hoped…” resonates with you this Lent?

Hoped for a satisfying retirement, a fruitful marriage, a wonderful career, happy home or a healthy life. Hoped that God might come through and now you feel that hope crucified.

Easter on the Emmaus road suggests Jesus is closer than you might think even in your disappointment. He awaits your invitation to sit and share your joys and sorrows and enables you to realise “It is true! The Lord has risen” (Vs. 33)

Such a discovery is to be shared, so just as the Emmaus two hastened back to their friends I would encourage you this Easter to return to a faith community and share this hope re-kindled.

As Easter approaches may you discern the approach of the Risen Lord Jesus who transcends and transforms what appear to be the most hopeless of situations we face to become pathways of praise, where we can truly say ‘He is Risen indeed!’


Happy Easter




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