It's All About Ewe

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It’s all about Ewe

The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not be in want – Psalm 23.vs1

The story is told of an actor who was known for his readings and recitations from the Classics. He always ended his performance with a dramatic recital of Psalm 23. Each night, without exception, as the actor began his recitation -- "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want" -- the crowd would listen attentively and then rise with thunderous applause, in appreciation of the actor's ability to bring the psalm to life. 

One night, just before the actor was to offer his customary recital of Psalm 23, a young man from the audience spoke up. "Sir, would you mind, if tonight, I recite Psalm 23?" 

The actor was surprised by this unusual request. However he invited the young man to come onto the stage to recite the psalm; curious to see the how the ability of this youth weighed against his own talent.  

Softly the young man began to recite the words of the psalm. When he was finished, there was no applause. There was no standing ovation as on other nights. All that could be heard was the sound of weeping. The audience had been so moved by the youth's recitation that every eye was tearful. 

Amazed by what he had experienced, the actor queried, "I don't understand. I have been performing Psalm 23 for years. I have a lifetime of experience and training -- but I have never been able to move an audience as you have tonight. Tell me, what is your secret?" The young man humbly replied, "Well sir, you know the psalm...but I know the Shepherd."

Knowing the Shepherd changes everything.

It brings Abundant life – we are led to pleasant places full of the necessities of life Green pastures, still waters.

It brings a secure life – nothing can ultimately harm us, just as a shadow of a dog can’t bite, the shadow of a sword can’t cut so the shadow of death can’t hold us.

And it brings a blessed life – even in the presence of enemies a feast of fine food is prepared, an anointing received an awareness of God’s presence with us here and now and for always known.

Most of all it is new life that is lived to the full as we follow the shepherd, who owns us, leads us and provides for us, for we are his sheep - ewe and me.



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