All at Sea

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All at sea over the existence of God, maybe this can help…

Jesus said to them, “But who do you say I am?

Matthew 16.15~

A fellow minister has a sticky note on his study wall that reads… “God does not exist…  He lives!”

Jesus promises fullness of life, not merely existing will be the Christian’s experience after death with a foretaste of that life given now by his Spirit.We can make a spectacular job of failing to live out this promised life – partly because of a struggle to acknowledge who Jesus truly is to us – who do we say Jesus is?

A radio four “Thought for the day” addressed this question of the existence of God terming it a “dry land question” Speaking as news of refugees drowning in the Mediterranean was making headline news. He said a dry land question is one made from the comfort and security of…you’ve guessed it!

If you are drowning at sea or caught in the earthquakes and avalanches of Nepal – the question you most desperately need answering isn’t “Does God exist?” It is “Can he save me?” that said, the speaker, is the question those who are in peril cry out to be answered. There is an answer to that question, which is most certainly yes and it’s best not to wait until the 11th hour to discover it, for Jesus taught that the destination of your resurrected self depends very much on your response to him. Of course fullness of life means far more than avoidance of Hell with a divine get out of jail card, it means living with the peace and presence of Almighty God here and now – living not existing. 

Many have reasons to doubt or disbelieve in the existence of God and in an attempt to explore some of these a series of talks are to be given at Exeter Hall Kidlington by leading scientists in June on Wednesday evenings  3, 10, 17 and 24 of June. This is a series of talks addressing doubts that sceptics have and giving important reasons for faith. 

The title for the series will be ‘Is it True …?’ 

1.  Is it true that Science has disproved God?

2.  Is it true that atheism is more rational than Christianity?

3.  Is it true that the world would be better without religion?

4.  Is it true that if God existed there would be no suffering?

The speakers will be John Lennox, Professor of Mathematics, Oxford University; Keith Ward, Professor and Theologian, former Regus Professor of Divinity, University of Oxford; Paul Ewart, Professor of Physics, Oxford University; and Alistair McGrath, Professor of Science and Religion, Oxford University.

If you would like to know more about this event please let me know.

For now I pray that you will find yourself able to answer Jesus’ question to you – “Who do you say I am?” and that explanations such as the ones described above will help you.


A prayer


You intrigue me.

You invite me to follow;

hesitantly and hopefully

I accept.

To “come and see”

I must leave the familiar

and look for the new.

Help me journey towards

and with you.

Waymark the path with good guides

and help me when I stumble on this pilgrim journey.









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